Female yeast infection symptoms are irritating and sometimes occur again and again. What is a yeast infection and why do yeast infections occur anyway?

Your vagina is a warm, moist place where Candida albicans yeast cells love to live and multiply. And they will multiple unless they are kept in check by good bacteria. Good lactobacilli bacteria use the same food sources as yeast cells and create an acidic environment that help control the yeast population. But, sometimes we take medications that kill off bacteria. Then, the yeast cells have a feast and start to multiple uncontrollably.

The results of an overgrowth of yeast cells can include mild to severe itching and a white, lumpy, smelly discharge can form that resembles cottage cheese.

This video give a great overview of yeast infection symptoms and explains what a yeast infection is.


You can take steps to control individual instances of a yeast infection. But, it is best to make simple changes in your lifestyle to eliminate them altogether.

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